The Pros / Cons of being an Inverted Triangle:

If you have an inverted-triangle shaped figure congratulations! Inverted triangles generally have beautiful wide shoulders, and often look taller and more confident at first glance. You probably also have great legs and should be able to wear clothes beautifully - assuming you choose the right ones. Your flaw? Inverted-triangles can tend to look top heavy in the wrong clothes, and if your are carrying extra weight throughout your middle your silhouette can start to look somewhat masculine and curveless.

What Not To Wear:

So what's an inverted-triangle to do? If you have an inverted-triangle shaped figure the first thing you want to do is avoid clothing that makes you look top-heavy. This means don't wear anything that adds extra bulk to your upper body, because you will only exaggerate the difference in proportion between your shoulders and hips. Stay away from shoulder pads, puffed sleeves, jackets with shoulder detailing (such as epaulets or ruffles), or high crew / boat necklines. You also want to avoid any pants or skirts with a narrow cut. If your trying to achieve a balanced silhouette your probably going to need to wear bottoms that add volume to your lower half. Pencil skirts, straight-leg jeans, or shift dresses for the matter are not going to cut it.

What To Wear:

Instead look for pieces that open up the neckline, drawing attention to the center of your body and away from your broad shoulders. Try wrap tops, tailored blouses, or V'd neck sweaters. A V'd neckline works especially well for this purpose. Also, look for tops and jackets with princess seaming. Princess seams allow a garment to fit closer to the body, in turn giving the illusion of additional curves, and a slimmer silhouette. On the bottom you will want to try and balance out your wide shoulders by wearing skirt and dresses that flare away from the body, and pants that have more of a flared or bootcut leg.

You can also affect the balance of your silhouette by playing with the color combinations of your garments. Darker colors make things appear smaller, while lighter colors make things appear larger. If you combine dark tops with lighter bottom pieces it will help you minimize your broad shoulders and make your hips appear more in proportion.