When it comes to looking good it doesn't matter what size you are as long as you know how to flatter your figure. We all have those areas on our body that we would prefer to camouflage but what you will learn here is that there is a right way, and a wrong way to go about it. If you know what styles, shapes, colors, and fabrics flatter your figure you can avoid common fashion mistakes, save money, and gain that put-together appearance that we are all after.

What Makes Someone Attractive?

In general people look for symmetry when judging attractiveness. That said, for women the "Hourglass" figure is most often considered to be ideal because it is so well balanced. Unfortunately, most of us don't posses this ideal form. Luckily, symmetry is something that can be easily achieved with some strategic dressing! Whether your body is extra curvy, boyish, top-heavy, or pear-shaped you can use the following tips and tricks for minimizing your flaws and accentuating your assets! To get started you must first decide what body-shape category you fall into, and define what that means. Below we have illustrated the four basic body shape categories. Review all of the diagrams below and click on the figure that best represent your shape to learn more about strategically dressing to flatter your figure.

Click on the figure below that best represents your figure to continue: