How To Guides

  1. What is Chartreuse, and How Do You Wear It?

    How to Wear Chartreuse

    If you could experience color, like you experience taste – chartreuse would be like eating a key lime pie. Sweet and energetic, with an intense citrus infusion that leaves you hungry for more. The color gets its name from a French liqueur called Green Chartreuse, introduced in 1764.

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  2. Gone Coastal - Nautical Inspired Outfit Ideas

    Nautical Inspired Outfit Ideas

    Midsummer, nothing beats a day on the water - or near it for that matter! And when I think of that warm sand and salty sea air - visions of primary colors, bold sailor stripes, rigging and anchor chains float through my mind.

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  3. Outfit Ideas for the Fourth of July

    Fourth of July Style -  What to Wear

    Elevate Your Patriotic Style

    It's just about time for some Fourth of July fun - hot dogs, fireworks and perhaps a margarita or two! And while you might be tempted to throw on that American flag graphic tee that's been hiding in the back of your closet - waiting to make it's early appearance, we'd like to suggest a more sophisticated alternative.

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  4. What to Wear to A Spring Wedding

    What to Wear to A Spring Wedding - Capsule Wardrobe Outfit Ideas

    Spring is in the air and that can only mean one thing...

    Wedding season is upon us! As a guest, that means it's time to RSVP and clear your schedule! Weddings today are often multi-day affairs, blocked out of an entire weekend or perhaps even an entire week if it is a destination wedding or if there will be travel involved. If the couple has already registered, it should be pretty easy to pick out the perfect gift - but picking out what to wear to the big event might take a little more thought.

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  5. Spring / Summer Weekend Getaway Capsule Wardrobe

    Spring / Summer Weekend Getaway Capsule Wardrobe

    Headed off for a weekend getaway?

    Pack a capsule wardrobe full of comfort and style! Our choice for a spring / summer vaycay? Natural fibers done in a combination of re-engerizing earth tones.

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  6. St. John Knits - Care Instructions

    St. John creates high quality knitwear that should last for years if properly cared for. Per their website the company recommends the following when it comes to caring for your special pieces:

    • It is recommended to professionally dry clean all St. John garments unless otherwise noted on the individual garment care label, and it is recommended that garments be dry cleaned once or twice each season.
    • Before storing St. John garments for the season, be sure to have them dry cleaned. Harmful insects are attracted to perfumes and body oils that remain on a garment after use.
    • Avoid applying perfume after dressing. The chemicals found in fragrances may penetrate the yarn and have an adverse effect on some colors.
    • If a spill occurs, blot with a white cloth to absorb excess moisture and take the garment to a dry cleaner as soon as possible. Red wine, coffee and other severe stains should be blotted as described above, then flushed with clean, cold w
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  7. Consign St. John Knits

    Ready for a closet clean out? is now accepting St. John knits on Consignment! Contact Us to learn more!

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  8. Color Analysis

    Learn How to Pick Your Perfect Colors in Three Easy Steps!

    Have you ever noticed how certain colors tend to light up your face, while others seem to make you look dull and tired? Wouldn't it be nice to know which colors look best on you, and which ones to avoid? Our thorough three step Color Analysis can help you figure out just that! By limiting your wardrobe color choices to colors that best compliment you, you will find it easier to coordinate clothing and accessories, and in turn save both time and money.

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  9. How To Measure Women's Pants

    When it comes to shopping for pants online, it can be hard to find the perfect fit - and most store don't make it any easier! I truly think most stores offer up vague pant size guidelines and estimated item measurements just to confuse us! It's silly when they suggest that an item "runs big" or "runs small". "Big" / "Small" compared to what? The reference is subjective and just plain confusing when you consider that fact that sizes vary widely between style and designer; and in addition, everyone has a different body shape and fit preference. So what's a girl to do when she's on the hunt for that perfect fitting pair of pants? The answer lies in the following equation:

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  10. Casual Christmas Capsule Wardrobe

    Whether your planning to head to your in-laws house for the holidays or just gathering around the tree with friends and family, you might be wondering what to wear to your next casual holiday gathering. While cocktail dresses and faux fur coats might look a little out of place in the living room, it's still fun to add a little festive flare to your holiday look! So what's a girl to do? Skip the traditional red and green, and opt for something a little more sophisticated and subdued. Check out our "Casual Christmas Capsule Wardrobe" guide for a few suggestions on what to wear for a holiday filled with comfort and joy!

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