Contrary to popular belief the Isabella Fiore line was not designed by an Italian woman named Isabella Fiore. Instead, the brand was actually founded by two LA based friends named Jennifer Tash and Trang Huynh. "Isabella Fiore" is the Italian equivalent of the English phrase "beautiful flower"; a suitable choice for the label, considering that the duo first got their start designing silk flower pins. After their debut in specialty boutiques, Tash & Huynh started designing handbags and silk scarves; eventually expanding into the designing and producing of shoes for such prestigious clients as Saks Fifth Avenue. Since 1996, these two handbag-and-shoe-designing ingenues have been making some of the most exciting purses, handbags, wallets and shoes on the market today. High-profile celebrities like Katie Holmes, Kate Hudson and Madonna have been seen with Isabella Fiore accessories on hand.