Launched in 2001, See by Chloé is a diffusion line developed and produced by the french fashion design house of Chloé. The label was originally developed as a way of making the Chloé aesthetic more readily available to the public, and is sold at a much lower price point than the main line Chloé collection.  Chloé Prior to Chloé's launch in 1952, luxury fashion houses had only ever produced Haute Couture (i.e. made-to-measure) clothing. This was fine for the few who could afford it, but it left everyone else in frequently poorly-made copies, supplied by the local seamstress. Chloé's creator, Gaby Aghion, rejecting the stiff formality of 1950s fashion (and sensing a gap in the market), decided to create a line of off the rack, high quality, soft, body conscious clothes from fine fabrics, which she called 'luxury pret-a-porter' and thus, the Pret-a-Porter (Ready-To-Wear) market we know today, was born. Over the years the Chloé label has became synomous with a sort of bohemian flare; best charctorized by its soft, airy, whimsical creations. Some of the labels most prominent designers have been Karl Lagerfeld, Martine Sitbon, Stella McCartney, Pheobe Philo, and Paulo Melim Andersson. On March 10th, 2008, former Assistant Director to Valentino, Hannah McGibbon, whose talent was first spotted by Phoebe Philo and who had been part of the Chloé design team since 2001 and Chloé Chief Designer since 2006, was appointed as the new Creative Director at Chloé.