"I've loved dress up ever since I was little. I love the power that clothing has to change your mood, and shape your attitude. When I get dressed, I can become who ever I want to be and I think that that holds true for most people. In our own ways, we all strive to be the best versions of ourselves, and I think what we wear can help us do that." - Cristina Elliott, FineClothing.com CEO

In Good Company

FineClothing.com was founded on eBay in 2005 as a women’s designer clothing boutique and has earned a reputation for excellence over the past decade. Today we are pleased to provide an eclectic selection of both new and used designer, brand name and vintage merchandise, guaranteed to delight even the most discerning customer!

Over the years our clientele has grown to include a long list of fashion savvy women from around the world. Our ladies appreciate quality, know a good value, and demand authenticity for good reason. In response, we offer up only investment grade pieces, of the highest quality, style and value; and proudly guarantee that every item that we sell is authentic.

Our History

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