Everything magical happens to me when I am in love.' With the transcendent vision of an artist, Elie Tahari is a man seduced by the truth and beauty of life. So it is no surprise that the most elegant fashions have evolved from the house of this passionate designer, who believes clothing should enhance the woman, so that her true beauty can shine through. 'Communicating through design is extremely difficult.' He believes, 'Great architects create spaces that are very much in tune with the wind, the sun, the light, the air and the seasons. Clothing should be no different.' From his passion for architecture, Elie Tahari finds inspiration in clean, straight lines and suggestion. With these basic principles as his foundation, he has built an empire. Women have been drawn to Elie Tahari designs for over three decades, and this devoted following continues to revel in the feminine embellishments, sensual fabrics and subtle textures that have come to define the Elie Tahari collection.

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