St. John clothing is positively timeless, but if you‘ve ever found yourself looking to match or replace a piece from a set it helps to know when your pieces were originally produced. While this may not always be possible, most St. John garments made after 2001 include a coded season / group label sewn in at the side seam or behind the brand label.

The format for these tags includes two lines:

  • The top line reads with two letters, followed by two numbers
  • Whilte, the bottom line reads “GP” followed by another number.

On the top line, the first two letters refer to the season and usually read as “SP” for Spring, “CR” for Cruise or “FA” for Fall. These letters are followed by the two numbers which represent the date code for the year in which the garment was produced. For example “FA 02” would represent Fall 2002; while “SP 10” would represent Spring 2010.

On the bottom line, the “GP” stands for “Group” and the number represents the grouping.

If you are looking to match the color or replace one of your St. John pieces, and don’t know the color name you can use this season and group codes to match the color.