• St. John Label

    St. John

  • St. John Yellow Label

    St. John "Yellow Label"

  • St. John Caviar Label

    St. John Caviar - Launched in 2009, St. John Caviar was a sub collection of mix and match pieces done predominantly in the designers black "caviar" color.

  • St. John Couture Label

    St. John Couture

  • St. John Evening by Marie Gray Label

    St. John Evening by Marie Gray

  • St. John Collection by Marie Gray Label

    St. John Collection by Marie Gray – Label first used in 1992.

  • St. John Sport Label

    St. John Sport – Label first used in 1995.

  • St. John Basics Label

    St. John Basics

  • St. John SoCa Label

    St. John SoCa – SoCa was launched by St. John in 2009 to reach a younger audience. SoCa is a young contemporary line and offers a causal but not too beachy approach to clothing compared to St. John's traditional and refined designs. SoCa is based on the Southern California lifestyle, but with a sophisticated urban edge.

  • St. John SJK Label

    St. John SJK - Label first used in 1997

  • Griffith & Gray Label

    Griffith & Gray for St. John – Introduced in 1994, the Griffith & Gray line was designed by Marie’s daughter, Kelly, and Diane Griffith, and aimed to attract younger shoppers.

  • Marie St. John Signature Label

    Marie St. John (Signature Label) - Label first used in 1984.

  • Vintage St. John Label

    Vintage St. John Knits Label - Label first used in 1977.