• Santana Knit Detail

    Santana Knit
    “Santana” was the name given to the proprietary yarn developed by Marie Gray in 1965. It is made from a 80% Wool / 20% rayon blend with a special twist, and is well love for its ability to retain its shape and resist wrinkling. The term " Santana Knit " however, is somewhat misleading as the yarn can actually be knit in a variety of stitch patterns. Most people recognize the stockinette stitch variety shown here as “Santana Knit” – but other more textured varieties are also available. For example, this pointelle knit camisole is also made from the same 80/20 blend yarn.

  • Milano Knit Detail Pique Stitch Milano Knit Detail

    Milano Knit
    Made from a 53% Wool / 47% Rayon blend yarn, St. John’s “Milano Knit” featured a tight and dense weight. Normally it has a very smooth finish as shown here in the first photo, however the stitch pattern can vary and other varieties of Milano knit are available with more texture; like the Pique Stitched Milano knit show below.

  • St. John Caviar

    The name of an extra dark black color that replaced the standard “Black” color used by St. John knits prior 2009.

  • Paillettes

    A small piece of glittering material used to ornament clothing. Paillettes differ from sequins in that they are flat; whereas sequins or spangles are usually cupped shaped with facets. St. John applies paillettes to the trim and sometimes entire body of the glitzier couture and evening wear pieces.

  • St. John Blocking

    A process of stretching or shrinking knitwear to achieve a more ideal fit. In general St. John knits can be blocked up or down one size to improve their fit if needed.

  • Mary Gray, St. John Knits Founder

    Marie Gray
    Marie Gray co-founded St. John along with her husband, Robert Gray, in 1962. Read the full on Marie Gray and St. John Knits here - St. John Designer Biography.