If you’re a fan of St. John clothing and have come across the term “Caviar” while shopping the collection, and if your anything like me, it’s undoubtedly given you pause. The term actually refers to the garments color – Black. But "Caviar" is anything but basic black, so when it comes to pairing up your St. John suits and separates it’s important to know the difference!

As most collectors know, St. John produces a variety of colorful suits and separates each season; and if you’re looking to expand a set it is best it is best to select pieces from the same season if you want the colors to match. While colors change from season to season, St. John also always offers several basic colors every season – like: Navy Blue, Ivory, and off course Black. These basic colors are easy to pair, perfect for year round wear, and completely classic – making them perfect “foundation” piece to build a wardrobe around.

So in 2009, when Marie Gray decided that change the formula for basic black, and announced a new and improved black called “Caviar” the news was met with a mixed reaction. Some people loved the change (the new “Caviar” black does look fabulous after all!), but others felt the change was inconsiderate. When compared side by side, “Caviar” made the old black look like a dark navy blue, which was problematic for anyone still looking to add pieces to their collection.

So next time you are looking to add some black separates to your St. John collection, make sure you check the Date Labels if you want your blacks to match!